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Project „…with the sounds of angels“

Since May 2013 Guna Scheffler is touring around the Baltic Sea in her VW bus, looking for suitable sites for her large angel sculptures and for people who want to create those angel sites with her.

Especially musicians are invited to support and complement this wonderful project, making it a „sounding“ common activity.

The vision

Large marble sculptures of angels in different shapes are standing on natural sites, inviting people and nature to connect to heaven, take comfort, find strength and inspire good feelings. People embrace the sculptures, lean against them, sit inside of them. They meet themselves and kindred spirits, talk together, walk together, creating a path with their every step: the angels´ path.

From the North Sea to the Baltic Sea and around, to wherever people feel like creating a new angel site. For themselves, for everyone …

I see those sites as specks of light in the region. They are meant as places of contact where a loving cooperation from human to fellow human, human and nature, nature and culture is possible. One day, thousands of people, young and old, will have created with their steps, hearts and consciousness an interconnection of energetic paths of light.

Angels around the Baltic Sea

This project combines music with sculpting and starting from Germany, extends through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. It invites people to be inspired to putting up angel sculptures on natural sites, contributing in their very own way:

  • with their music, through a concert, to help p(l)ay for the angels
  • during the creation of the angels´ sites with their creativity, their vibration, their solidarity, their love and joy
  • by singing and playing during the opening ceremony for humans and nature spirits
  • by knowing and providing an appropriate angel site
  • by spiritually and meditatively supporting the project
  • by helping with the stone work
Guna Scheffler

Guna Scheffler
(sculptures and project)

13 marble sculptures of angels and one cosmogram around the Baltic Sea


Serafina – Friedensengel

Luzifer (Lichtbringer)


Sophia – Weisheit des Herzens

Hüten und behütet sein

Sich verbinden

Lichter Klang



Hüterin der Wasserwesen




The Baltic Sea is a brackish inland sea in Europe, perhaps the largest body of brackish water in the world. It is about 1,600 km (1,000 miles) long, an average of 193 km (120 miles) wide, and an average of 55 m (180 ft) deep. The maximum depth is 459 m (1506 ft). The surface area is about 377,000 km² (145,522 sqare miles) and the volume is about 20,000 km³ (5040 cubic miles). The periphery amounts to about 8,000 km (5,000 miles) of coastline. Between 50 and 85 million people live in the Baltic region, depending on where you draw the limits of the region.

Source: Wikipedia

The Baltic Sea

… contains the freshwater of many large rivers of a lot of different countries, peoples, races, religions and nuances of consciousness, it also contains saltwater from the North Sea.

”The Baltic Sea that we are looking upon, is a spiritual being, a high hierarchical being, containing innumerous minor spirits, elementals, water creatures. A realm, a spiritual realm, united in consciousness by a large entity.” Rudolf Steiner calls them “inspirer of mankind in Europe”

[from: Die Ostseemysterien im Werdegang der Menschheitsgeschichte, S. 25
The Baltic Sea – Mysteries in the development of the human history, p.25]


Stone sculptures

… contain, in addition to the energy of the stones, the energy of the artist. By consciously and lovingly working the block of stone into the symbolic figure of an angel love is directed into the stone. Additionally, every contemplator, every visitor, can pour his or her own heart energies and positive feelings into the angel.

Thus, a strong electromagnetic field can be created around such a sculpture. This field resonates not only with the earth on which the angel stands but the earth resonates with the sculpture as well.

Additionally, an energy exchange is taking place within this landscape, thus enabling the ethereal and spiritual forces to establish a noticeable cooperation in their own way. It´s alive and effective.

Putting up a sculpture in a joint effort on a natural site,

… can – by its impact on the site – help to build peace. We can not “make” peace, but with an internal peaceful attitude towards ourselves and others, we can help create and strengthen the outer peace among man, nature, earth and the universe.

May this project be a contribution to our acting with freedom and thinking with love.

Guna Scheffler, October 2012

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